Logical and Practical Positive Thinking

An easy and logical look on positive and negative thinking

Whenever something happens where there is an unknown possibility, we tend to steer more towards negative outcomes. This is normal because anytime we don’t “know” what to expect, rather a conscious or subconscious suggestion, it feels out of our control. Please consider, it is possible to be limited by our knowledge in the physical world (rather by skill, information, or resource). Now consider this – the truth is, the possibilities are always equal to what we consider an negative outcome to a positive one. And I’m not talking about a “win” or a “lose”, although it may feel hurtful…or as if you’re on top of the mountains – wins and loses are a small piece to YOUR bigger picture. And the direction to a positive outcome or negative outcome has an equal and infinite potential both ways.


This article is not about how to win every time. It’s about the shape of our general perception on negative and positive thinking, and how we’ve won already. Here’s the juicy stuff:


The reason we think about negative outcomes more than positive outcomes is simply because of our limitations in skill, information, and resource. This does not make the negative truthful, on the contrary, it makes it’s presence minuscule. You see because it is your limitation that can comprehend it, not your Will. The mere thought of negative outcomes is the actual proof of how small it is compared to positive ones. See because we can’t quite comprehend The Infinite Number, yet we can comprehend the infinite possibilities of an negative outcome?? That doesn’t make sense. You’re grabbing onto what you can – just for the sense of control. And what you CAN control is what you can GRASP… A smaller number. Believe it or not, we move towards our bigger picture everyday in a positive way (rather you fully realize it or not)… waking up, breathing, taking a step, and taking action. You are constantly and consistently on the path… so why let negative thinking ruin that?

So with that said:

Rolling into a situation, if a negative thought pops up, allow it to pass for positive thinking. And if you run low on positive thinking, that may just mean it’s enough to outweigh the negative ones. As the situation comes closer, clear your mind of those outcomes and work on taking breathes, taking steps, and taking actions from a more calm and confident mind. You’ve won already.


Hope this helps.


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