H&M Controverse+ The Weeknd’s Collection

I’m not really good at this reporting thing. I need me some enthusiastic interns – I’ll pay you in pancakes. Ok let’s get to this: If you were expecting any collaborations from H&M’s upcoming collections, there might be a a little bit of re-collaborating on expectations. See, because now two of our favorite artists has cut ties with H&M’s plan to drop product these upcoming seasons due to an insensitive product drop on their site. See image below.


If you don’t know, the two artist are G Eazy & The Weeknd. Both announcing their void of contract after H&M faced harsh public views over the weekend.

You know, we’re living in a very sensitive time for humanitarians. Not because of something new, but because now, more than ever, do we have evidence of a more cruel hidden society. Social media has become the millions of eyes, 2018 we’ve become our very own Big Brother, and in seconds – information surfaces.

The product drop from H&M was definitely insensitive. And with publicity stunts even existing, I’m glad to hear The Weeknd and G Eazy has protested.


Swing over to The Weeknds’ Merch Page and pick up some exclusive product.


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