YUMYODA™ Branding Label Company is the monitor and capitalist of a soul named Kibo. Shogun Japan 17th-century, Kibo (a respected Samurai) and a female Demon fall madly in-love. One day situations would turn fatal when Kibo returned from a mission to find his love missing. Unfortunately his investigations come short as he dies from a fatal wound battling an envious demon. And his love? She was actually attacked and deceived to think it were Kibo who killed her. With her dying breathe, these two madly in love couple, where two worlds would never think to exist, and when all meant nothing but the crave of one another near… chants one last curse… on Kibo’s soul! Under the impression that they are now enemies, these two souls for the last 300 years, have been battling each other. Worlds of happiness now rely on these two to kill one another, one life after another.


You see, every battle.. Kibo’s soul.. refused. And because of that, lost countless fights against his one true love. But on that act alone, earned him a spot on a higher plain… on the dimension above ours. And now, this is where things get good. The deceiving doesn’t end. On the higher plain, he starts to realize and evolve. And as in many places, this may threaten a few. Deceived, betrayed and used for entertainment, Kibo is oppressed back into the underground world… our world. Because he exist still in the higher dimension, but his awareness is here – Kibo.. now Evil Kibo, is an indestructible demon finding himself and his way. He travels alternative dimensions, even ones that we create, in hopes to put together all the missing pieces.

Will Evil Kibo succeed?

And this is what we cover here at Yumyoda… Please stay tuned, buy Yumyoda product, and bring this story to a happy ending.

Yours Truly,
Vic Stizzi

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